Content Creation & Marketing


An effective content marketing and development strategy allows you to bridge the gap between  online and offline marketing initiatives, by creating a unanimous voice to tell your story. For consumers, content often trumps ads in authenticity, playing a key role as the connective tissue across the path-to-purchase. But for brands, content development and SEO are often black-box processes of ideation and conception, untied or misaligned to bottom-line results. It’s time to hold content accountable to performance. Performance Content is our process of creating and optimizing actionable content in pursuit of ROI goals. We have a team of highly innovative and dynamic content writers for creation of all types of documents, product descriptions and content for Web Pages.


We can plan, create, and implement content that truly speaks to your prospective clients. Web Content in Content Writing means all the information that lives on the web and that could be consumed on the web. Our content writing strategies includes :

  • Researching & Analysing Competition
  • Defining Objectives
  • Finding & Evaluating Keywords to be used
  • Organizing the Structure


Contechie is a digital marketing agency that helps you Echo your communication in Virtual Marketing Ecosystem and hence we are called Contechie. Our digital and social media marketing training and services can energize your business objectives at a larger phase :

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Audits & Strategy
  • Landing Page & Conversion Optimization
  • Link Building & Influencer Outreach
  • Content Creation & Development
  • Enterprise Consulting & Activation
  • Social Media Signal Amplification
  • Mobile Strategy & UX
  • Information Architecture & UX Design

Marketing Analytics


The proliferation of customer, channel and platform data has bred tremendous complexity into measuring and optimizing marketing performance. Performics Analytics & Technology Team thrives on this complexity, continually re-inventing how we drive conversions and improve ROI for our clients. Our wide-ranging analytics, data and engineering expertise produces actionable insights and unified, cross-channel reporting that powers performance.


We help you uncover actionable insights to assess your brand in terms of industry performance, competitor analysis and product category analysis across all digital platforms. Our digital analytics services include omnichannel analytics, web analytics, social media analytics, digital ROI, digital market research and social listening.

  • Business Intelligence – Speed-to-market is key to performance. The automation of our proprietary GLANCE®cross-channel reporting platform, coupled with human intelligence, enables us to quickly turn data into insights. We’re then able to optimize faster, pouncing on performance. Real insights come from good data, and good data comes from a well-designed technology stack. For our clients, we’re building stacks that fuel optimizations, and we’re continually monitoring to ensure data integrity.
  • Data Management & Personalization – Linking digital behaviours with CRM and offline data provides a singular view of customers, enabling hyper-relevant consumer experiences. A strong cross-channel data framework uncovers optimization insights that inform budgeting, targeting and audience engagement strategies. We blend first- (online/offline), second- and third-party data to create audience segmentation based on thousands of pre-determined attributes, in real-time. As a result, our clients break through the clutter with relevant ads that fuel retention, reactivation and cross-sell/up-sell. We employ cross-channel consumer insights—informed by data integration—to deliver highly personalized messaging across paid and owned assets.
  • Predictive Analysis – We view your customers through analytics. This data enables us to delight customers and increase conversions with messages and content attuned to timing, context, preferences and intent. How should budget be allocated across channels to maximize performance? We visualize budget tradeoffs through analytics, uncovering the highest performing and most efficient allocation opportunities.
  • Social Media Analytics – Our marketing analytics services comprise real-time social media analytics and online reputation management. The goal of an analytics initiative is to develop actionable insights from your data, continuously learning from user and organizational activity to make smarter decisions and improve business results.
  • Analysis and reporting – Creating visualizations and marketing analytics dashboards that clearly communicate results along with strategic insights provided by our marketing analysts.

Technologies we use

  • KPI Development & Measurement Planning
  • Cross-Channel Reporting & Insight Creation
  • Marketing Platform Selection & Solutions Integration
  • Proprietary Tech Platforms
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Cross-Channel Attribution
  • Business Intelligence through Proprietary Dashboards

Social Media


We believe that an integrated organic and paid social strategy is key to building strong brand awareness and ultimately, driving conversions. Our data-driven strategies are crafted with the bottom line in mind. Moving beyond likes and clicks, we help you build lasting connections and relationships with users by telling your story in an authentic, meaningful way. We craft a custom, actionable audit of your social media presence by examining each channel. Diving into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn this detailed audit is filled with quick wins and social media strategies that we can review together. We take the mystery out of sales by clearly outlining our suggested strategy and campaigns. No surprises here, just results.


The right social media strategy connects your brand with your targeted audience. Our social media marketing process ensures that your business gets a social media marketing campaign specifically tailored to your business’ goals. We help businesses engage customers through digital intelligence. Contechie offers a software solution that allows businesses to get more fans, followers and customers through their digital presence.

  • Custom Social Strategy – Every brand has its own unique story, and we’re here to help you tell it – simple as that. Our team of organic and paid social strategists work together to craft a community management and advertising strategy that is backed by data and designed to drive revenue. Our campaigns stem from intensive research and data pulled from Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights. No assumptions here!
  • Campaign Execution – Our team is highly skilled and trained at setting campaigns up for success from day one. From advanced interest targeting via influencers to social media management, our expert team creates, monitors, analyses, engages, and measures while reacting to results and trends. We are constantly running comprehensive A/B tests across funnel and remarketing campaigns which are designed to educate and convert prospective customers.
  • Measure & Optimize – Seeing progress is great, but understanding it is better. Our team lives in analytics and are constantly looking for ways to improve upon and amplify performance. Always optimizing around ROI, our team’s goals are always aligned with yours. From day one, we set aggressive KPIs and work to generate the highest CTRs, lowest CPCs, and the biggest ROI. We evaluate the performances of all your social channels and come up with powerful improvement strategies for influencing the conversations and engaging your audience. Track your key social media metrics, measure your performance, and get complete campaign overview with our intuitive analytics as well as fully customized reports.

Why Choose us?

  • Track Your Results – We provide you with an online dashboard where you can track all of your key metrics and see everything that is being said about your business online.
  • Social Ideas & Shareable Content – We provide you with engaging content specific to your industry and ideas for giveaways that grow customers.
  • Protect Your Reputation – Monitor the most important review and social media websites 24/7 including review alerts. Respond to reviews and messages while they are fresh.
  • Grow Your Audience – We can help you optimize your profiles and promote your business across social media websites to get customers that are ready to buy.

Mobile Marketing


Marketing has transitioned from radio to the television, to the computer and now right to the consumer’s pocket. The rise of smartphones is opening the gates to welcome a far more convenient mode of marketing that is on-the-go and fast which is mobile marketing. A good grasp on mobile marketing can ensure your brand ranks better among competition and stays ahead of it. There are a lot of platforms for mobile marketing where you can give your brand an advantage such as App Store Marketing, App Store Optimization on iOS and Google’s Android Play Store. We also offer App Store Search Optimization for mobile apps which enables your app to rank well among your competitors. The mobile revolution isn’t coming soon. It has well arrived. You can utilise our mobile marketing services which we have crafted staying updated with the emerging times of the internet.


At Contechie, our team of professionals help you formulate, develop, strategize, and implement appropriate mobile marketing strategies that will help you reach a wide customer base along with increasing awareness about your product.

Our Mobile Marketing Services include :

  • App-based marketing – Utilising services like Google AdMob, we customise mobile ads to appear within third-party mobile applications.
  • In-game mobile marketing : Banner pop-ups, full-page image ads or video ads can be infused between loading screens of games.
  • QR codes : Scanned QR codes operate as an intermediate to take users to a specific webpage.
  • Location-based marketing : Ads are pushed on mobile devices based on the user’s location relative to a specific area or business.
  • SMS marketing:An old trick of forwarding SMS to a user’s phone number and informing them with text offers.
  • Mobile search ads : These are Google search ads for mobile including options of click-to-call or click-to-download which generate a link for the aforesaid action.
  • Mobile site links : With mobile site links you enable the user to jump to specific pages of your website without drifting around.

Few Stats

As a leading mobile marketing services company, we are one-stop solution provider for all your business requirements for targeting audiences through mobile devices.
Mobile marketing is a product or a business promotional activity uses a multi-channel process technique usually focused for a targeted audience on their smart phones, tablets or any other devices through SMS, Email, social media applications or mobile applications.

Interesting statistics which our partners should know before getting in to the process of developing the Mobile marketing process are :

  • 80% of internet navigators use smart phones.
  • 48% of mobile users uses mobile search.
  • 33% of mobile users do research with a branded website.
  • Last but not the least 68% of companies have integrated their mobile marketing process into overall marketing strategy.
  • 70% of companies consider that mobile marketing helps to increase their business and sales.

We are always here to help you!