Data Analytics

We help organizations unleash the power of analytics and make the transition from data-driven to insight-driven. Our experts make use of advanced analytics tools and techniques to deliver customer intelligence, descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, risk analytics, and big data solutions.

Predictive Analytics

Complex business problems require not only technology/engineering expertise, but also an understanding of the data lying beneath and how it impacts the business performance. Our data scientists specialize in unearthing large volumes of data and together with our Big Data engineers bring a holistic solution to our customers including engineering and statistical analysis capabilities.

Data Science and Advanced Quantitative Modelling is one of the core focus of Contechie. Specializing in quantitative modeling, predictive and behavioural modeling, business optimization and text mining. Combining this expertise with a deep understanding of the business problem, our data scientists are able to translate business requirements into an analytical framework.

Our data scientists are experts in a variety of econometric, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and operations research techniques used in both predictive modelling and behavioural modelling. Solutions include a wide array of pricing, forecasting, text mining, and optimization problems for a business.

Our Expertise Includes :
  • Classification Models : Logistic Regression, SVM, Naïve Bayes, Linear Discriminant Analysis, CART.
  • Ensemble Methods : Random Forest, AdaBoost , Bagging, Boosting.
  • Regression Models : Linear Regression, Ordinary Least Squares Regression, Stepwise Regression.
  • Deep Learning : Neural Network, Convolutional Neural Networks.
  • Other Methods : Linear Regression, Ordinary Least Squares Regression, Stepwise Regression.
  • Unsupervised Models : K-Means, Hierarchical clustering, Association mining, PCA.
Technology Expertise :
  • Python
  • Microsoft Sql Server
  • MatLab
  • Rshiny
  • SAS
  • Pentaho
  • Tableau
  • IBM Watson
  • QlikQ
  • Cognos
  • Microstrategy

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics is the key accelerator for any business. Contechie provides customer analytics solutions for predictive modeling, data profiling and data visualization, decision tree analysis, and strategy building. Companies use this information for direct marketing, site selection and customer relationship management. Our solution deploys latest technology, scalable architecture and analytics algorithm to offer actionable insights, helps in visualizing the vital customer information, and empowers communication service providers in getting granular view of network performance, customer behavior trend to deliver greater service experience.

Essentially, customer analytics tells you who your customers are, what they are doing, what they want, and how and when to reach them so that you can create customer experiences personalized, at the individual-level, to win more business and drive loyalty.

Our customer analytics solution spectrum includes :
  • Customer Segmentation : Segmentation of customers in eloquent clusters.
  • Customer Churn : To decrease risk and reduce churn and help respond proactively for completive Advantage.
  • Customer Acquisition : Help develop your customer base by recognizing segments with amplified propensity to buy.
  • Cross Sell and Upsell : Can positively influence your product and branding strategies, and reveal new opportunities for revenue.
  • Customer Lifetime Value : Record the customer journey to assist you better connect with customers, improving customer fidelity and lifetime value.

Risk Analytics

We provide Risk Management solution implementation and consulting services to banks covering market risk, credit risk and operational risk leveraging SAS technology platform, which is by far considered to be the best in class analytical engine across the world. A rare combination of deep domain knowledge in the niche area of risk measurement and best in class analytical software platform expertise with primary focus on quality and timely delivery has truly added value to our banking customers across geographies.

Our Risk Management Practice has nurtured a pool of best in class experts and maintained a record of high customer satisfaction in the area of financial risk management, analytics and high performance financial solution implementations. The practice has consistently evolved by thriving to deliver value in building and re-engineering analytical processes and implementing quantitative risk measurement algorithms in SAS Technology platform.

Our solutions in Risk Analytics Include :
  • Credit Risk Management : We enable customers to arrive at the best fit PD, LGD and EAD models and credit risk measures in compliance with best practices proven worldwide.
  • Market Risk Management : We are adept at building market risk solutions for regulatory compliance and setting up sound stress testing frameworks.
  • Operational Risk Management : Our risk professionals work closely with firms to build sound scenario analysis business cases. We help you set up Op-Risk measurement and management framework designed meticulously to measure, monitor, assess, control and report operational risk events.
  • Asset-Liability Management : Contechie helps organizations to effectively manage their assets and liabilities and come out with optimal spreads for funds transfer. We build adequate ALM framework incorporating cash flow analysis, fund transfer pricing, EVE calculation and cash flow optimization. Stress testing scenarios are an add-on to the ALM that helps your organization in monitoring the Net Liquidity position scenarios and projections.
  • Anti-Money Laundering : Contechie  provides expertise to set up Anti Money Laundering (AML) solutions, enabling customers to process information from all areas of their business and gain insights regarding suspicious behaviours. We use data mining techniques like customer profiling, segmentation to minimize false positive alerts while decreasing the risk of true criminal activity going undetected.

Social Media Analytics

High growth businesses need customized digital solution; we at Contechie provide a holistic solution for the challenges like real-time social media analytics, Visualization and unstructured data. Contechie understand your audience’s interest, influence, interactions and intent.

  • Social Performance : Discover and report owned and competitor summary performance.
  • Content Sharing : Which posts do best (in garnering conversions, but also in creating engagement) and which keywords perform best (SEO, engagement, conversion).
  • Social Conversation Data : Not only trends of engagement (shares, comments, link likes), but who is engaging. A single influential follower creates much greater impact than your run of the mill follower. Also, tracking what times work best for creating engagement.
  • Network Data : Not only trends of how many network connections you have, but demographics and location information about these connections, which is very useful for planning and targeting.

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