AL & ML Services

Today Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the key accelerators of every aspect of business, from Chatbots being set up to help businesses to AI-driven platforms being bound to automate sales processes. From powering Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana to Google’s Allo, AI is promising a better future. Our gamut of services around AI help you gain high-quality, high-accuracy AI capabilities that enables building highly scalable and cost-effective digital products and solutions. You will definitely accomplish the benefit of curtailed labor and infrastructure cost. At Contechie, we help businesses build cutting-edge AI solutions that enable them to achieve a first-mover advantage to be a leader in the better future.

Contechie leverages automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), visual search and image recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and machine learning (ML) technologies to the fullest advantage of its clients.

Our service offering includes :

Machine Learning

Providing algorithms, APIs, development and training toolkits, data, as well as computing power to design, train, and install models into applications, processes, and other machines. Presently used in a wide variety of enterprise applications, mostly `connecting prediction or classification. Pattern Recognition and Predictive Analytics are Made Easy with ML. Machine Learning is an integral part of Artificial Intelligence, and the algorithms built on it enable computers to perform tasks on their own by learning from the data generated instead of requiring a programmer to write code to get done those tasks. Contechie leverages the full potential of pattern recognition, mathematical optimization, computational learning theory, self-optimizing, and nature-inspired algorithms to the fullest advantage of its customers, providing tailor-made machine learning services and solutions. Natural language processing (NLP) uses and supports text analytics by facilitating the appreciative of sentence structure and meaning, sentiment, and intent through statistical and machine learning methods. Presently used in fraud detection and security, a wide variety of automated assistants, and applications for mining unstructured data.

Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition and Speech Recognition are Made Easy with Contechie’s Deep Learning Solutions. More than 19,000 companies are currently using deep learning to improve their products and services, solving what was once unsolvable. Deep learning is becoming a driving force behind solving challenges in areas such as :

  • Demand prediction
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Anomaly detection
  • Customer churn
  • Fraud detection
  • Image recognition

At Contechie, we offer cutting-edge services and solutions on deep learning to solve your business challenges in the above areas and to draw innovative benefits in those areas. Our custom-built deep learning solutions help you build powerful and intelligent artificial neural network models that are efficient enough to automatically learn complex representations of data. We have full-stack deep learning, AI, machine learning experts and data scientists who have a deep understanding of a variety of deep learning techniques and the best practices used in deep learning use cases for multiple industries. Speech Recognition, Transcribe and transform human speech into format useful for computer applications. Presently used in interactive voice response systems and mobile applications.

Chatbot Development

We develop intelligent AI applications and systems that can be trained to interact with humans using touch sensing, voice recognition, language and intent recognition, and programmed decision making.  We have expertise in state of the art AI technologies like Caffe, DeepLearning4J, Google AI, Tensor Flow, Theano, Torch, etc.  Bots are text-based programs powered by artificial intelligence and natural learning processes that interact with users over a variety of platforms.

Right now, we are working on several chat bots for big media companies and we can’t wait to announce them! Meanwhile, check out how chat bots can help your business and let us know if you want us to build you one.

Messenger, Slack, Skype, Viber, etc.

Now everyone can talk to your business in their favorite messenger. Chatbots are the best way to get in front of the billions of people using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Viber, Skype, Telegram, Discord, and Kik. A bot can be configured for one chat tool or many at the same time depending on where your customers are.

Chatbots Are Used

Content delivery
  • Users can get push and pull content from publishers.
  • Bots learn customer preferences and personalize the content using the interaction history.
Customer Service Inquiries
  • With chat bots, brands can streamline customer interactions and users can easily record and retrieve their past interactions with businesses.
  • Chat bots respond immediately and customers do not have to wait in a queue.
  • Customers can view product lines, buy goods, and organize a delivery from within a chat interaction.
  • Messaging systems have payments integrated into the chat application, so customers can buy with one click.
Hospitality and Travel
  • Chatbots can help hotels in time management, Guest Services and cost reduction.
  • Chat bots can help staff with repetitive and mundane tasks like answering frequently asked questions so that they can focus more on critical and more rewarding tasks.
  • Chatbots are often more cost effective and faster than human counterparts.
  • Medical chat bots can help patients receive quick and effective medical advice remotely without the inconvenience of booking an appointment with a doctor.
  • Medical chat bots can be programmed to handle patients’ admission and discharge, order medical equipment for patients, renew prescriptions and schedule medical appointments.

Our toolkit for building the perfect chat bot

  • Make it smart with NLP and deep learning.
  • Personalize it and give it context awareness.
  • Access any data by connecting to any API.
  • Teach it how to communicate via dialogue systems.
  • Train the bot using previous communications.

Data Science

Data Science as a Service Forward-thinking businesses today have a gem of opportunities with the data that is generated across various sources within and outside enterprise. The importance of data science as a service is now becoming requisite for businesses to extract sheer values out of the data. So they prefer to collaborate with expert data science consulting and business analytics solutions partners. Choosing expert partners allows them to gain abilities that help effectively reduce revenue leakages, identify frauds, heighten revenue curve, augment sales conversions, and improve customer experience. Contechie’s data science as a service helps enterprises make informed data-driven business decisions and find innovative ways to strategize and optimize operations, while discovering new market opportunities and gaining the above benefits. Data Science Offerings :

Data Preparation and Ingestion

Contechie uses cutting-edge tools for data preparation, management and harmonization. Our data preparation method comprises of :

  • Data exploration
  • Data cleaning
  • Data changing
  • Data shaping
  • Data publishing for analysis

Statistical Modelling and Algorithm Development

Contechie leverages statistical methodologies, machine learning or a blend of both these prevalent practices to create analytical models on big data. The statistical modelling service spans :

  • Data analysis
  • Data interpretation
  • Data explanation
  • Data presentation

Robotic Process Automation

Using scripts and other methods to automate human action to support efficient business processes. Currently used where it’s too expensive or inefficient for humans to execute a task or a process. Robotic Process Automation has evolved beyond the conventional rule based processes that mimic the work of an employee on an application. Enterprises are currently looking away from early cost benefits and focusing more towards optimizing processes. The objective is to ensure that there are smarter processes standardized across the multiple business units that would increase collaboration and coordination.

At Contechie, we work with organizations to build automated solutions that help them navigate data touch points that are unstructured in nature and then helping them mature towards intelligent systems that make optimal decisions while learning continuously from their environment.

  • Consulting : Our Consulting team helps maximize the returns and benefits of Robotic Process Automation for your business. We identify candidates for RPA that are: highly manual, predictable, high in volume, error Prone, low discretion and expensive. We have a strong focus on helping clients manage and mitigate associated risks.
  • Design : Mapping processes and creating an architecture that would best fit the nature of activities while keeping an eye of scale.
  • Development : Implementation of the solution taking into account your current systems while mitigating risks.
  • Optimizing : Ensuring a seamless performance across the departments while coordinating with the enterprise in change management.
  • Technology Selection : Selection of RPA technology & solution plays a critical role in successful RPA journey with varying outcomes within the same organization. Our technology selection takes into account diversified spectrum, scalability, reliability, flexibility, hassle free post implementation support and ease of use.

Service Landscape

  • Imaging : Ontology, Topology, Probability, NLP, Indexing
  • Information Consolidation : Multisource Data Extraction, Data Integration, Data Validation
  • Analytics and Reporting : Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Dashboards, Canned Reports, Alerts
  • Intelligence Hub : Data Pooling, Validation, Aggregation
  • Knowledge Repository : Info Search (search engines), Search Ranking, Decision Making, Information Storing, Enhancement/Enriching
  • Reconciliation : File Aggregation, Data Extraction
  • File Manipulation : File CRUD Operations, Reformat files.

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