Robotics Management (RM) Platform

Audit Robotics Platform adds impetus to innovation and profitability by configuring software robots that automate manual and repetitive rule-based tasks for audit intelligence at a fraction of the cost of their human equivalent and to integrate without disrupting the legacy system.

  • Real Time Transaction Analysis : Ingest all transactions from lines of business (not just samples) and apply machine learning algorithms to detect anomalous anti-patterns that should be flagged to an auditor proactively – not months afterward.
  • Operational Interaction : Auditors review activities and assign inquiries to operational managers from various lines of business, pointing directly to evidence results package.
  • Audit Consistency : Standard and workflow-driven procedures for internal auditors to allow consistent application of Audits across geographies and lines of business.
  • Audit Reporting and Analytics : Building Search Queries Engine to extract meaning full information with data discovery and descriptive (text/word) Analytics from different sections of Audit Reports.

Regulatory Intelligence Management

Compliance Intelligence Management Platform helps enterprises to Comply with complex & changing regulations with rising complexity at global scale that reduces risks, cost of compliance, and resulting fines.

  • Regulatory Compliance Data : Ingest regulatory bodies to aggregate regulations / guidelines / amendments and apply machine learning to generate taxonomies and N-Grams.
  • Customer Compliance : Track the enormous amount of compliance required for customers for each country where these companies do business.
  • Product and Competitor Compliance : Monitor the global progress of external approvals required for new products, and map against internal lifecycle to bring new products to market; monitor competitors’ regulatory compliance approvals.
  • Location Compliance : Know regulatory compliance by Geography, Risk, Product (FATF, Basel Committee, BSA, BIS etc.) spanning multi-dimensional requirements from various lines-of-business.

Intelligent Learning Platform

Multiple learning management systems on campus present a challenge to faculty who must navigate different interfaces and master each one’s distinctive functionality. Contechie Intelligent Learning Platform offers an easy way to manage online and hybrid courses so that faculty, staff, and students embrace learning management systems, resulting in higher enrolment numbers and completion rates.

  • Increase adoption : Give faculty and staff this intuitive approach to course management and they’ll quickly become enthusiasts and start using it.
  • Improve metrics : Make it easier for students to register for and complete courses, and you’ll see enrollments and completion rates increase.
  • Simplify tasks : Help faculty focus more on students and less on administrative tasks by creating courses, managing their content, and issuing grades faster—all from one centralized interface.
  • Grades integration : Eliminates duplicate data entry, reduces errors, and decreases workload on faculty while increasing adoption of learning management tools.
  • Campus-wide integration : Enables you to access multiple learning management systems through your portal and Contechie’s Mobile using single sign-on.

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