eHarmony Provides Customers the Best Online Experience.

Running 1,000 tests a day across web and mobile lets eHarmony expand test coverage and ensure bug free apps.

N26 Cuts Manual Testing Time and Boosts Confidence in Mobile Apps with Contechie. Mobile bank N26 uses automated mobile testing on Contechie to improve its code quality by testing more frequently and catching bugs earlier in the development process.

LogMeIn Accelerates Mobile Testing and Increases Test Confidence.

LogMeIn automates mobile and web app testing, giving testers higher confidence and speeding up software release times.

Emmi Uses Contechie to Conduct Automated Cloud-Based Testing.

Emmi Solutions uses Contechie to cut testing time, offload maintenance, and support its DevOps model.

eHEALTH Africa uses Contechie to ensure rapid delivery of high-quality mobile applications for critical public health services
eHealth Africa needs to ensure its health workers across West Africa have access to bug-free mobile apps to perform their jobs effectively.

When Mobile Surpassed 50% of Traffic, Bleacher Report Turned to Contechie.

A leading sports news site, Bleacher Report has a monthly audience of more than 16 million unique users.

BoomTown uses parallelization to reduce its longest test runtime from 90 minutes to 13 minutes.

Real estate solution provider BoomTown uses Contechie to ensure high-quality software delivery.

Zillow Cut Testing Time from 8 Hours to 30 Minutes with Contechie. To increase browser variation test coverage, Zillow started using Contechie, a cloud-based testing solution, to run 60 tests per minute catching bugs earlier in the development cycle.

HomeAway Scales Testing with Contechie In Shift To Continuous Delivery. HomeAway is a family of 50 websites and hundreds of apps that collectively provide a network of vacation rental properties to more than 65 million travellers each month. To maintain app quality, they are on the path towards continuous delivery through automation and continuous integration.

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